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Rosé Mansion is temporarily closed


We’re hiring for both our HQ office in Manhattan and in Rosé Mansion.

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About Us

Following the success of the first Rosé Mansion Pop-Up in 2018, Tyler Balliet and Morgan First opened a permanent location in the heart of New York that is open year round, and will now be featuring experiential shows in the 11,000 square foot space attached to the ever popular mansion. What does this mean for our team? We are weeks away from blasting off into an expansion heavy spring as we bring in award winning artists, branded experiences, and prepare to open our second location. 


On the daily, our tiny team kicks ass and works diligently to maintain the level of excellence that our customers expect from Rosé Mansion. Simultaneously, every team member pilots new projects, and assumes new responsibilities that make achieving the impossible possible. So, while we all have our areas of expertise, we are a start up minded team that gets shit done at ludicrous speed.


Rosé  Mansion Traits

Passionate: You are highly driven, and are passionate about turning dreams into memorable customer experiences.

Willing to learn: If you don’t know it, you are willing to put in the work. We will give you all of the tools you need as long as YOU are willing to put them to use. 

Proactive: You anticipate the needs of the company before they become a reality, and don’t need to be given tasks. 

Caring: You have a kind soul, and aim to create and promote a supportive work environment. You genuinely care about our customers, and want each person who walks through our doors to have a positive experience.

Dedicated: You want to make a notable impact on our company through this job even if it means a little extra work because YOU want to make things happen.

Friendly: No matter what is going on in your life, you are able to show up with a genuine attitude and work with others. 

Attentive: Paying attention to small details is your thing. Before you send off a report, you are triple checking the numbers to make sure nothing was missed.