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When will my order be delivered?

We have delivery windows based on your location! All deliveries will be made between 10 am and 5 pm.


Here's the delivery schedule: 

Wednesdays: Westchester & Bronx

Thursdays: Brooklyn & South Queens (see map)

Fridays: Manhattan & North Queens (see map)
























How can I track my order?
We’ll text you when we’re on our way!


What are your delivery times?

All deliveries will be made between 10 am and 5 pm.

Wednesdays : Westchester & Bronx

Thursdays: Brooklyn & South Queens (see map above)

Fridays: Manhattan & North Queens (see map above)



I need to reschedule my delivery, how can I do this?
Real talk, we’re not a delivery service - we’re just some people who own a wine Mansion rolling up to your door and bringing you wine during a pandemic. We’re a small team of seven right now, so we can’t reschedule your delivery without messing things up for everyone else. If you trust your neighbors, we can leave it with them; just make sure they are 21+! There’s a spot on your order for delivery instructions or you can email and we’ll work something out, if we can.



I would like to cancel my order, how can I do this?

Why would you cancel a wine order at a time like this!? JK, if you need to cancel, email at least 24 hours before 9 am on your delivery date. Please note we fulfill orders as they come in, if you would like to cancel your order there is a $5 restocking fee.
I would like to modify my order, how can I do this?
If you need to modify, email at least 24 hours before 9 am on your delivery date. Please note we fulfill orders as they come in. If you would like to change your order there is a $5 restocking fee.
I missed my delivery, what happens now?
Not a problem. We're envious of your social life! You should be getting lots of delivery updates from us, so hopefully you'll be home, but if we miss you, we'll just reschedule you to the next available delivery slot for your neighborhood. Don't hate us, but we will need to issue a $15 missed delivery fee when this happens. Thanks for understanding!
Do I need to tip my delivery courier? 

You don’t need to, but it’d be much appreciated! Since we’re aiming for as little contact as possible, you’re free to add a tip on your order, or if you’re comfortable with giving cash, that works too.



Can I pay for my order in cash?
Since we’re trying to keep you and our drivers as safe as possible, we’re not able to accept cash payments. All orders need to be paid for online in advance.



Can I substitute a bottle of wine for one of my Rosé Mansion favorites?
 For right now, we’re not able to accommodate substitutions, but we are considering a wider range of choices. Let us know what you’d like to see and we’ll try to make it happen in the future!



Why can’t I order if I live outside of New York State?
We wish we could deliver everywhere, but we have a New York State License, so we can only deliver within state lines.



What precautions are you taking for COVID?
We’ll all be wearing masks and we have tons of hand sanitizer (not to brag). We will stay at least 6 feet away from you.



Do you offer contactless delivery? I want to stay 6 ft away, how will you check my ID?
Yes we do offer contactless delivery, but we still need to see your pretty face to make sure you're of age. We’ll check IDs if we’re not sure. Don’t worry - we have a system so you don’t have to get too close.



Do you have any discount codes?
We currently do not have any discount codes.



What is your refund/exchange policy?
All sales are final. (It’s still alcohol, so even if it’s not your fave, we’re sure you can find a way to enjoy it...make sangria or a spritzer! We’ve got tons of ideas on our IG.)



I only want to order the Go Vino cups and wine key, can I do this?
We have an $80 delivery minimum.



I was supposed to come to Rosé Mansion but due to COVID my ticket was turned into a credit, can I use this credit towards a box of wine?
Rosé Mansion patron credit vouchers only apply to tickets purchased on OvationTix. We hope you hang onto your credit and come see us when we reopen! For now, this is the next best thing!



Why are the wine glasses I ordered plastic?
The glasses that we’re including in your order are the same GoVino wine glasses that we use at the Mansion. They’re dishwasher safe, recyclable, shatterproof, and awesome. They have a dent in the side of the glass for your thumb (to prevent dropping,) and are perfect for all of your socially distanced picnics in the park this summer.



It says that your ordering is closed, are you sold out?
Our ordering system will automatically stop accepting orders if too many come in at one time. This is to prevent an overwhelming amount of orders from shutting down our system! Refresh in a few minutes, and you’ll be all set to order.