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Yes, There’s A Mansion Devoted To Everything Rosé

If you live by the #RoséAllDay mentality, Rosé Mansion is bringing all of your rosé dreams to life.

The new live museum pop-up exhibition in New York City, open from July through October, is not only for drinking rosé. Just like walking into the world of “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” it’s a place to have fun and learn about all about the popular summer wine.

“We wanted to take some of those feelings that you get when you drink wine and turn them into visuals,” co-founder Tyler Balliet said. “Each room we wanted to put some education in it.”

All of the rooms in the mansion have a different curated experience — from educational tasting sessions to a blending lab to a swinging chandelier for the perfect photo-op.

If you’re not in New York City to visit, “GMA” toured the mansion and got a first look at the experience.

Explore the Rosé Mansion

In the first room you get a Rose Mansion cup and wine themed stickers.

Before you enter a world of pink, the first room you enter is all white. Here, you get a Rosé Mansion wine cup and wine-themed stickers.

Take a flight on Rose Mansion airlines.

In the second room, you get your first glass of rosé from South Africa.

Then you can hop aboard “Rosé Mansion Airlines” to explore rosé from all around the world.

At this cute pink cart you get some rosé from France and grapefruit gummy bears for your sweet tooth. There’s even has a scratch-and-sniff wall just like the one from “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.”

This cart is full of pink and rose themed candy.

We wanted to take some of those feelings that you get when you drink wine and turn them into visuals.

Learn all about how rose wine is made at Rose Mansion.

In this tunnel you get to become a grape and learn about the process of how rosé is made.

At the blending lab, you can mix your own glass of wine.

At the blending lab, you can create your own custom glass of rosé. You choose the base, acidity, and fruitiness of the rosé you want and watch them blend your perfect glass.

This rose tower is mesmerizing as the pink drink flows from top to bottom.

“You can talk about history, you can talk about science, and you can talk about culture all through this beverage that’s about 6,000 years old.”

Co-founder Tyler Ballet, swings from the chandelier.

For a fun photo-op, swing from the chandelier like Sia while sipping your rosé on this giant chandelier.

Be the king or queen of rosé as you sit on a giant throne with a crown on your head and sip some rosé.

This giant throne is fit for a rose king or queen.

If all of that rosé wasn’t enough for you, there’s a wine bar on the first floor with tons of rosé options.

Tickets for Rosé Mansion cost $45, or $35 during their happy hour, and include about two glasses of wine.


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