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Meet The Winemakers: Quady Winery

Have you tried the Red Electra Moscato in our Pursuit of Sweetness Room? This sweet wine is made by one of our favorite producers, Quady Winery.
Located in Madera, California, it’s a small family business that is owned and operated by the Quady family; Andy, his wife Laurel, and their kids, Herb and Allie. It’s also the only California winery that specializes in producing sweet and aperitif wines.
Quady Winery Andrew Quady and Laurel Quady
Before Andy Quady was a winemaker, he actually worked in pyrotechnics. When an opportunity arose to switch careers, he shifted his focus from fireworks to grapes, moved to the San Joaquin Valley, and started working in the wine industry.
The first wine Andy Quady produced on his own was ’75 Zinfandel port. In 1979, Andy Quady discovered an unused patch of a rare grape varietal, Orange Muscat, known as Moscato Fior d’Arancio in Italy. This led to Quady’s passion for Muscat and expertise in sweet wines.
Since then, Quady Winery has become known for its Muscat, Moscato, Port, Sherry, and Vya Vermouth. Quady also produces several other wines, including Viognier, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, and Rhone blends.
Quady Winery Andrew Quady and Laurel Quady
Over the years, Quady Winery has made quite a name for itself internationally and has received over 1,000 awards and medals for their wines. It’s not hard to see why our Rosé Mansion founders, Tyler and Morgan, are such big fans of Quady’s wines.

Want to try some of Quady’s award-winning sips? Keep an eye out for Quady Essensia, Quady Elysium, Electra Moscato, Starboard (Port), Palomino Fino (Sherry), and Quady North next time you’re at the wine shop! Or you can order from the directly online!

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