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DIY Confetti Guide

Cue the confetti! This week’s virtual happy hour is all about joy and happiness!

If you ask us, every celebration requires a handful of confetti. After all, there’s nothing that puts a smile on your face quite like a million colorful bits of paper raining down from the sky.
So, we invited Jelena from The Confetti Project to be a special guest on this week’s show. Together, we’ll be exploring happiness and celebration through Jelena’s favorite medium, confetti, of course!

If you’d like to join in on our virtual group confetti toss, she put together a quick and easy guide to making your own confetti at home!

The Confetti Project’s Guide on How to Make Your Own Confetti

  1. Look around your home to find creative materials that can be used to make confetti. Any type of paper typically works best – scrap paper, wrapping paper, construction paper, tissue paper or even flower petals!
  2. Put on a playlist you love.
  3. Pick a method for making the confetti – cutting with a scissor in whatever shapes you want (stripes, rectangles, circles, square), hole punching it (best with thicker paper) or even ripping it.
  4. Put your pile in a small bowl to have beside you for Rosé Mansion’s Virtual Happy Hour this Friday! We’ll be using it collectively to explore what we celebrate together.

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